Thursday, September 01, 2011

The hunter, hunted

The Spanish newspaper El Pais published last week one of the photos from my project about the catholic church in the Philippines, to illustrate an article about family planning in the country and how the church opposes it. I was happy they followed my suggestion and picked this photo, which illustrates that "war" in a non-literal way.

I took the photo last Easter in San Fernando, Pampanga, where real crucifixions are still done every year. Excellent photographer and friend Miguel Pereira was with me, and he took some photos of yours truly at work.

The hunter, hunted.

© Miguel Pereira, all rights reserved

© Miguel Pereira, all rights reserved

© nacho hernandez, all rights reserved


  1. my precious11:23 PM

    hey nacho, i am glad that you are doing well. i love your front cover photo on your website. mucho bien! - my precious

  2. Hi there,

    A lot of things going on, most of them good.
    It's been a long time. I hope all is well. Let's skype one of these days.


  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    sounds good buddy. j