Sunday, August 01, 2010

Boracay: Best beach in the world?

All photos © nacho hernandez. All rights reserved.

Boracay's White Beach was my very first experience with a tropical beach, many, many years ago. I still lived in Spain at the time. A job had brought me to Manila and I seized the opportunity to visit Boracay. Back then, it was almost kept as a secret by those in the know. A not-very-developed island with a huge beach of the most beautiful white, powdery sand (no report on a tropical beach seems to be complete unless you use the word "powdery"). I was truly impressed and, during the following years, felt some pride each time I saw Boracay making it into one more list of the "best beaches in the world" (yes, some people get paid to do that). "That's my beach", I would think.

Now, many years and many tropical beaches later, I was curious to see if my initial infatuation was real or a "first love" thing. I went back to Boracay last week and I am happy to report that, even if changed, very developed, with some construction of dubious taste and with droves of tourists and hawkers even in low season, it still is one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. I would definitely put it up there at the top of my own "best beaches" list, maybe with
Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro and Flamenco in Culebra island, Puerto Rico. And if it is not the best, it certainly must be the most colorful.

What is your favorite beach?


  1. "many years and many tropical beaches later"

    ...lo primero es inevitable; lo segundo un privilegio del viajero.

  2. Desde luego. No me quejo ...
    Te he mandado un email, ref. NZ.

  3. Nice pictures, the third one simply outstanding!

    The heart of a Latin man can be stolen only by a woman or by the sea.

  4. Thanks, Nico. I was playing with the new lens I mentioned. Love it.

    "The heart ..." I like that one. Is it yours? I think I'll start using it :)


  5. Yes, it is mine, but please use it :-)

  6. Yes, it true. For me, boracay is the best beach in the world. There more foreigner and filipino's visit this island everyday..

    Tanya Gemarin