Monday, November 29, 2010

Rugby in New Zealand

Raglan, New Zealand      © nacho hernandez

Back in Manila, editing the first photos from my ongoing project on rugby in New Zealand. I will post a selection soon.


  1. guapa, guapa, guapa...donde esta la melee?

  2. Nice! I'm looking forward to see the selection :-)

  3. Tremenda "afoto". Tráete el albúm para las cervezas de Navidad

  4. Gracias,
    Pronto creare una galeria en mi pagina web, para este proyecto.

    New gallery in my website specific for this project coming soon.

    Los delanteros a saber donde estan, por ahi perreando, como siempre. :)

  5. js hwang3:28 PM

    long time no speak amigo.
    looks like you are doing well. visiting u.s. for project anytime soon? anyways say hi to c and have a great holiday.---js

  6. Hello my friend. Everything is good.
    No plans to visit the US anytime soon. Off to Morocco tomorrow, then Xmas in Spain and back to the Philippines in January.
    Wishing you and N a great holiday too. Let´s try to skype sometime and catch up.

    Big hug.