Thursday, May 06, 2010


© nacho hernandez

Some places are so beautiful they almost look fake. I had that feeling when photographing Prague. The old city looks like a Walt Disney park or a movie set. As if those who built the Charles Bridge over the River Moldau were thinking of the "picture perfect postcards" that the droves of tourists would be able to take more than six hundred years later.

I recently had a similar feeling in Palawan. Some of the beaches at the Bacuit archipelago are so perfect that they look designed by someone with a very clear idea of what a "tropical beach" should look like. The powdery sand, the white surf, the jade, blue and black water, the cyan sky with a few clouds and the limestone islands in the background. The swinging coconut palms are behind the photographer. Even the local boat tries to match all the hues in view, like a giant chameleon.

Although I am not too fond of "picture perfect postcards" I couldn't resist this one. I will post more photos from Palawan soon.


  1. I really needed this, here it rains everyday, it is cold, it is grey. "Postcards" can be nice and help a lot sometime.

  2. I am glad it helped :) Cold and Grey are words out of my vocabulary now (except for the contamination in Manila).


  3. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Unbelievable photos! Dig the new layout on the site.