Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farewell Washington DC

Photo: © Nacho Hernandez

As I pack and mop my own floors I realize two things:
1. I have accumulated too much junk over the years.
2. I will really miss this city.

I was going to do a list of all the things I like best and least in Washington but, the balance is so overwhelmingly positive that I will just say this: I will always carry this city in my heart.

That said, I am really looking forward to the future. During the next three months I will be based in Rio de Janeiro, and in September I will move to Manila, from where I will cover Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Stay tuned!


  1. Good luck my friend! You'll find soon another nice home city, I'm sure :-)

  2. Thanks Nico!

    It looks like Manila will be home for the next few years. Looking forward to it.


  3. sean siempre bienvenidos los cambios...
    un beso y buen viaje y estancia.