Friday, January 23, 2009

A new dawn for the USA?

Photo: © Nacho Hernandez

A whoosh of fresh air blew through Washington DC this past week. 1.20.2009 will be remembered as the day when the system in this country was rebooted. It needed it badly.

I think that Barack Obama is honest, committed and has common sense by spades. He is cool too. A big, big change. The bad news for him is that the country is in shambles and the expectations are too high. The good news is that the bar has been set so low in the last eight years that it is almost impossible to do a worse job as President than his predecessor. Even if he tried. So, best of luck to Obama. We all need him to succeed.

In the image, the Washington Monument at dawn, a few hours before Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as 44th President of the United States of America. More images from inauguration week in my website


  1. nacho, saludos desde madrid. ma parece que compartimos algo más que el nombre...

    me gusta tu trabajo, pasarépor aquí de vez en cuando


  2. Hola tocayo. Que casualidad!

    Por cierto, yo tambien soy de Madrid(aunque llevo tiempo fuera).